This is Our Calgary

Voices of Calgary (VoC) is a local campaign that recognizes the global talent right here in our city!

VoC’s mission is to support equal opportunity in the local labor market for Calgary’s internationally trained professionals (ITPs). This is the motivation behind the campaign’s slogan "Globally Inspired - Locally Hired". The campaign carries out its mission by empowering ITPs with a voice to share personal stories about re-establishing their professional lives in Canada, as well as spotlighting companies that are active in providing equal opportunity employment.

Who We Are

It’s a big challenge to start a new life in a new country, whether it is learning a new language, meeting new friends, or settling in to a new environment.

That’s where Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) can help. Our aim is to reach out to newcomers upon their arrival in Calgary to ensure smooth transition, proper settlement, and successful integration. We are here to help our clients access needed programs and services to empower them to overcome barriers and increase their chances of success in building a new life in Canada.

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