Important Things to Do After Arriving in Calgary

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It can be scary and confusing moving to a new country. We here at Immigrant Services Calgary have prepared a check list for you, so you will not forget a single thing. Making your life easier one bullet point at a time.

Checklist for your first few weeks:

• Exchange you money for Canadian currency
• Find temporary accommodation
• Have some identification (ID) with you
• Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
• Apply for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
• Open a Canadian bank account
• Get a Transit map to find out about transportation
• Contact an immigrant serving organization
• Learn a convenient way of making phone calls and accessing internet
• Get your own telephone book and memorize the national emergency number: 911

Checklist for your first few months:

• Search for a home to rent or buy
• Register your child in school
• Know where the Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) assessment centre is and register for language classes
• Find a doctor or health-care centre where you can go for your medical needs
• Have your children immunized
• Look for a job
• Apply for the GST/HST Credit
• Apply for Canada Child Tax Benefit
• Obtain an Alberta Driver’s license
• Learn about Canadian laws and your rights and civic responsibilities as a resident of Canada