East Calgary Health Fair 2015

Settlement ISC Community

On Saturday June 13, The East Calgary Community Health Fair took place in the Forest Lawn and Forest Heights area of Calgary. It was a day all about health, wellness and community for all ages. More than 600 residents came to the fair with their families!

In addition to learning about health and wellness resources, fair attendees took part in the teddy bear run, visited the police and fire vehicles and participated in skating at Ernie Starr Arena. As well, there was an hour of cultural entertainment presented at the fair. Immigrant Services Calgary has been a collaborative member of the East Calgary Health and Safety Initiative for the last four years and has helped organize the cultural dancing, volunteers and interpretation services. This event is another example of the great work that Immigrant Services Calgary’s Sustainable Neighborhood Access Program does in the community to engage residents, service providers and community partners. Our mandate is to run programs and initiatives that promote vibrant and inclusive communities through Calgary.