Estimated Processing Times: Grant of Citizenship

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Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Canada has updated the processing times of grant of citizenship. The citizenship backlog has been reduced, and the processing time has been improved through recent changes to the Citizenship Act. The following table shows the new estimated time:

When CIC received the application Estimated processing time
On or after April 1, 2015 12 months or less
Before April 1, 2015 By March 31, 2016 or before.
“These applicants can expect a decision by March 31, 2016 or 24 months after applying, whichever date comes first.”


Please note, “If your application is non-routine, it will take longer to process. The current typical processing time for non-routine applications is 36 months. ”

For more information about the estimated processing time, please visit CIC’s website.