Express Entry Mid-Year Report

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Recently, Citizenship and Immigration Canada released its Express Entry Mid-Year Report. The Express Entry is Canada’s new application management system for various economic immigration programs. The system launched in January 2015.

According to the Report, as of July 6, 2015, 112,701 foreign nationals had created an Express Entry profile. The following table shows the Express Entry Profiles submitted to the Express Entry Pool as of July 6, 2015.

Number of Profiles Completed 112,701
        Not Eligible 48,723
        Number Pending (i.e. Job Bank Registration, PN Validation) 4,302
        Withdrawn 6,441
        Invited 12,017
Number of Active Candidates in the Pool 41,218


The top 10 source countries for qualified candidates are:

Country Number Percentage
India 2,687 20.8%
Philippines 2,514 19.4%
United Kingdom 951 7.4%
Ireland 682 5.3%
China 531 4.1%
United States of America 521 4.0%
South Korea 327 2.5%
France 258 2.0%
Australia 257 2.0%
Mexico 249 1.9%
Top 10 8,977 69.4%

Source: Express Entry Mid-Year Report by Citizenship and Immigrant Canada.

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