Discover Your Potential with the Recreation Program Guide

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The City of Calgary’s Fall Recreation Program Guide offers more than 3,400 programs for Calgarians to help them prepare for fall and back-to-school season this year. The registration has opened!

Following are examples of some of new and unique programs and activities for Calgarians to discover their potential.

  1. Zumba for kids. It’s a fun, high energy dance party.
  2. Outdoor rock climbing. A 40-foot climbing wall located inside the courtyard at Beltline Aquatic & Fitness Centre.
  3. Ski, snowboard and mountain bike conditioning. To help with stamina and stability on the slopes.
  4. Burlesque. Cabaret-style dance where you can express your inner diva.
  5. Real Men Do Yoga. Specifically designed for men to increase their range of motion and flexibility.
  6. Karate Tambo Training. A karate class with the Tambo stick – yes, just like real ninjas.
  7. Parent and Baby Fit Together. Get stronger while spending time with your new baby.
  8. Cricket. A sport quickly gaining more and more popularity in Calgary.
  9. Build your Retirement Recreation Success Plan. Our active version of the RRSP.
  10. Cooking Monsters. Where kids can learn about nutrition and food selection.
  11. Sailing in September. A six person sunset cruise along the banks of the Glenmore Reservoir.
  12. Figure skating. Spin, jump and glide on ice.
  13. Birdwatching. Spot local and migratory birds through your binoculars.
  14. Family golf. ‘Tee’ up family time inside the golf dome.
  15. Upcycled Art. Create cool sculptures out of previously-used materials.

You are able to build your custom recreation program guide, please visit the City of Calgary – My Recreation Guide.

Source: Calgary City News Blog: Fifteen ways to discover your potential this fall