How can I protect my SIN?

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Social Insurance Number (SIN) is confidential. With Service Canada, you share the responsibility of protecting your SIN from inappropriate use, fraud, and theft.

To protect your SIN, Service Canada recommends:

  • Provide your SIN only when you know that it is legally required.
  • Store any document containing your SIN and personal information in a safe place—do not keep it with you.
  • Contact Service Canada if you change your name, if your citizenship status changes, or if information on your SIN record is incorrect or incomplete.
  • Take immediate measures to protect your SIN when you suspect someone else is using your SIN fraudulently.
  • Never use your SIN card as a piece of identification.
  • Never provide your SIN over the phone unless you make the call and you know with whom you are dealing.
  • Never reply to e-mails that ask for personal information like your SIN.
  • Shred paper records with personal information and your SIN once you no longer need them.

Source: Your Social Insurance Number: A Shared Responsibility! Protect it! Safeguard it! – Service Canada

For more information about protecting or providing your SIN, please visit Service Canada’s web page (