Age-Friendly Calgary

Settlement ISC Community, Seniors

The senior population in Calgary is growing. According to the City of Calgary, by 2036 nearly one in five Calgarians will be a senior. To prepare for that, the City of  Calgary has launched the Seniors Age-Friendly Calgary Strategy. “The Senior Age-Friendly Strategy presents a vision and principles for creating a more age friendly Calgary, as well as population level results, strategies, partners, and proposed actions within each of the local priority areas.” (Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy).

The six priority areas of the Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy are:

  • Access to information and services
  • Community support and health
  • Housing
  • Participation and inclusion
  • Prevention of and response to elder abuse
  • Transportation and mobility

Immigrant Services Calgary is a committee member of the Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy Development.

For more information about the Seniors Age-Friendly Strategy please visit the website