Tips to avoid getting a parking ticket in Calgary

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To avoid getting a parking ticket, here are some of the top tips for avoiding getting a parking ticket in the City of Calgary, provided by the Calgary Parking Authority:

  1. Watch for signs
    “Please check signage and time restrictions downtown carefully. Many major roadways in the downtown core have rush-hour no-stopping zones. If your vehicle is parked at one of these locations during the posted rush-hour times, it will be towed and impounded.”
  1. Pay for parking
    “Most parking tickets issued in Calgary are for failing to pay for parking in ParkPlus zones. The City of Calgary Traffic Bylaw states that motorists intending to use a metered space, a ticket-controlled space, or a zone controlled space are to make payment for parking “immediately after parking the vehicle.””
  2. Be careful in alleys
    “There are several parking restrictions in alleys. Vehicles will be ticketed and may be impounded for:
  • blocking the alley (leaving less than 3 metres clearance)
  • blocking a private driveway or garage (leaving less than 1.5m clearance)
  • blocking a signed fire door
  • obstructing traffic
  • Central Traffic Zone alley – commercial vehicle maximum 20 min
  • Narrow Alley – 6.1m or less
  • Electrical Transformer – leaving less than 3 metres clearance”
  1. Stay away from corners

“The space at the end of the block is an inviting temptation to the frustrated driver looking for parking. Beware! The bylaw requires vehicles to park 5 metres from the inside edge of the intersecting sidewalk.”

  1. Leave bus stops for buses
    “Drivers often pull into bus stops to wait for a friend, buy a cup of coffee or use a bank machine. Even a quick stop blocks the zone, forcing Calgary Transit drivers to unload or load passengers on the street.”
  2. Park safely at schools
  1. Know the differences between “no parking” and “no stopping”
    “The “No Stopping” symbol is the most restrictive parking regulation. Once a vehicle has ceased moving, even if it is occupied, it is deemed stopped.Bus, Tour Bus, Taxi, Commercial and No Stopping zones are all off limits to unauthorized vehicles. If you choose to stop in any of these zones, you can be ticketed and towed.”
  1. Respect residential parking restrictions
  1. Leave Accessible parking spaces for the disabled
  2. Avoid a trip to the Impound Lot
  3. Get to know your neighbours
  4. Err on the side of caution