Spring Clean-up Street Cleaning

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The spring clean-up program is an annual street cleaning program that removes sanding materials and debris after the winter season. The program has begun and is expected to run until the beginning of June.

The City of Calgary released an Email notification service to receive a notice 24 hours before a street is scheduled to be swept.  Calgarians can send an email to RoadNotifications@calgary.ca with their addresses to sign-up. Furthermore, there is a Sweep Schedule Search tool that shows the scheduled cleaning date for a street.

During the sweeping season, please watch for the Street Cleaning program signs:

street cleaning signs

For more information about the Spring Clean-up program, please visit the City of Calgary’s website: http://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/Roads/Pages/Road-Maintenance/Spring-Clean-up-street-cleaning/Spring-Clean-up-street-cleaning.aspx