Building Culturally Competent Organizations

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Immigrant Services Calgary, Talent Pool, and Maple 2.0 – Mentorship in Action presented a TED style talk on Building Culturally Competent Organizations in spring 2016. Cultural competency is essential for organizations to remain competitive and continue to attract and retain top talent. We explored practical tips and strategies for successful cross-cultural engagement of foreign trained professionals.

  • Common challenges faced by recruiters when assessing foreign trained professionals
  • Creating a workplace environment that fosters cultural integration
  • Tips for managers to mentor and bring onboard immigrant professionals


Dirk Volschenk – Manager Learning & Competence Development – Suncor Energy Services

Alex Lefebvre – Human Resources Coordinator – Lafarge

Chris Thomas – President & Lead Consultant – The Classic Business Consulting Group

Joy Lumanog – Human Resources Business Partner –  Schneider Electric

Followings are the events videos:

Opening Remarks:


Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4: