IRCC Notice – Wildfires in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas: special measures

Settlement ISC Citizenship & Immigration

Ottawa, May 27, 2016 – Special measures are now in place to support those affected by the wildfires, including priority processing and free replacement of Canadian citizenship and immigration documents, as well as extension of temporary resident status and the waiving of certain requirements for visitors, workers and students.

These measures complement the special assistance measures put in place on May 16, 2016, for the issuance and replacement of Canadian passports and travel documents. See Notice: Alberta wildfires special assistance measures for passports and travel documents.

Notice to affected residents

As a result of the wildfires in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas, citizenship and immigration documents belonging to Canadians, permanent residents, protected persons and temporary residents may have been lost, damaged or destroyed. In addition, work and study permit holders may be unable to immediately continue their work or studies.

To support those affected, the Minister approved special measures to waive some fees and other specific requirements for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents.

The following documents may be replaced at no cost and on an urgent priority basis until August 3, 2016:

  • citizenship certificates
  • permanent resident cards
  • permanent resident travel document (paper or electronic)
  • confirmation of permanent residence
  • verification of status
  • work permits
  • study permits
  • visitor records

Source: Notice – Wildfires in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas: special measures – IRCC