Francophone Immigration Week

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Do you know this week is the Francophone Immigration Week?  Francophone communities across Canada have been celebrating the annual event with the theme of “Building Community Through Diversity.” The Hon. John McCallum, Minister of Immigrant, Refugees and Citizenship, released a statement supporting the event:

 “As we begin Francophone Immigration Week, we recognize the important contributions of Francophone newcomers to Canada and highlight our commitment to ensuring the vitality of Francophone communities and our country’s rich bilingualism.

“The Government of Canada has taken a number of steps to increase the number of Francophones settling in Canada: promoting Francophone minority communities to French-speaking foreign nationals abroad, encouraging the use of the Provincial Nominee Program, fostering Francophone services to French-speaking immigrants, working with employers to promote Francophone foreign nationals for permanent jobs in Canada, and consulting with Francophone minority communities on new measures.

“Earlier this year, I was proud to announce that my department had re-established the Labour Market Impact Assessment exemption that allows employers in Francophone minority communities to recruit French-speaking workers to highly-skilled jobs on a temporary basis.

“But there is much more that can be done. On this Francophone Immigration Week, I encourage all Canadians to celebrate the many accomplishments of Francophone newcomers as we work towards strengthening Canada’s diverse Francophone minority communities.”

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