“Veterans’ Week” November 5 to 11, 2016

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Veterans’ Week occurs during the week leading up to Remembrance Day on November 11th. During this week, Canadians of all ages are encouraged to remember the sacrifices and achievements of Canada’s Veterans. One way to reflect on the contributions of our veterans is to attend remembrance activities throughout the week across Canada. Canadians can also visit the Veterans’ Week website to learn about the history of Canadian veterans.

To commemorate Veterans’ Week, each year, Veterans Affairs Canada commissions a poster. This year, the poster exhibits a historical photograph of the Battle of Vimy Ridge during the First World War, as well as the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge where 3,600 Canadians lost their lives and over 7,000 were wounded. Canadians showed great courage and valor in the battle, and many suggest that the event marked Canada’s coming of age as a nation.