Voices of Calgary “Globally inspired – Locally Hired”

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Voices of Calgary is a new campaign recently launched by Immigrant Services Calgary, funded by the Government of Alberta.

This campaign recognizes the vast global talent readily available within the Canadian talent pool, and also advocates for equal opportunity for Calgary’s Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs) in the local labor market. This is the motivation behind the campaign’s slogan – “Globally inspired – Locally Hired“.

The campaign carries out its mission by empowering ITPs with a voice to share their journeys toward re-establishing their careers in Canada, as well as spotlighting employers who are active in providing equal opportunities for ITPs.

Join us as we spotlight a local employer or ITP story, and share how individuals and companies are making contributions to our local communities through global talents!


This week we have GKD Industries Ltd. who provides products and machining services focused on Well Stimulation, Wireline and Flow Control Equipment for the oil and gas industry. The founders believe that diversity means opportunities for all and finding the best candidate for the job, regardless of where they come from.

Watch their whole interview: