Passport Application Clinics at Immigrant Services Calgary

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Are you a new Canadian citizen? Do you need help to apply for your Canadian passport? Immigrant Services Calgary is hosting free passport application clinics on Saturdays in September.

Please be aware this service is available by appointment only. To register, please call 403-265-1120 ext. 303.

Please gather and bring the following documents to your appointment.

  1. Citizenship certificate (Must)
  2. Guarantor’s information (See application form P6)
  3. Two references’ information (See application form P3)
  4. Emergency contact information (See application form P3)
  5. Two photos as required (See application form P4)
  6. Documents to support identify (Driver’s license, AB provincial ID card, AB Health card, etc.)
  7. Address information in the past two years
  8. Occupations in the past two years (Starting date, ending date, employer or school, address, telephone, field of employment or study)
  9. Mother’s maiden name
  10. Additional documents required for minor applicants under age 16 (See Child general application form P5)