Timeline of Citizenship Act changes

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On June 19, 2017, Bill C-6 passed Parliament. Some immediate changes include:

  • Intent to live in Canada once granted citizenship is no longer required.
  • Citizenship revocation provisions only applying to dual citizens are repealed.
  • Minors can qualify on their own without the need to have a Canadian parent.


During the summer of 2017, IRCC will conduct the required regulatory process, train staff, and make the necessary technology changes for the fall of 2017.


The following changes are expected to come into effect in the fall of 2017:

  • Physical presence in Canada requirements will be reduced to three out of five years.
  • A portion of time spent in Canada before permanent resident status will count towards residency requirements.
  • Age range for language and knowledge requirements will be reduced to 18-54 years old.

For a complete list of changes made to the Citizenship Act and when they take effect, please read the Bill C-6 Backgrounder

Source: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.