7,300 Affordable Child Care Spaces in Alberta Now

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The Government of Alberta just announced that Alberta is adding 100 additional Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) centres offering $25 per day care. Alberta now has a total number of 7,300 affordable spaces. 

This Alberta-wide pilot program provides child care for children aged 0 to kindergarten with maximum fees of $25 per day. The centres may offer flexible child care for parents who work part-time or shifts that are outside typical day car hours. 

Currently, there are 122 ELCC Centres in Alberta, and 23 are in Calgary. You can find a full list of the ELCC Centre here.

To enrol your child in an ELCC Centre, you need to contact the centre directly. 

If you need help finding child care for your child, you can book an appointment with our settlement consollers at settlementcalgary.com.

More information about the ELCC Centres, please visit the Government of Alberta’s website.