Caregivers have New Pathways to Permanent Residence

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Caregivers will soon have access to two new 5-year caregiver programs. These new programs will allow caregivers to come to Canada with their family and have a pathway to permanent residence. Caregivers will have greater flexibility to be able to change jobs quickly and any barriers preventing family members from coming to Canada will be removed. 

Under the new programs, applicants will be assessed for permanent residence before they begin working in Canada. Once the caregiver has their work permit and 2 years of work experience, they can access a direct pathway in becoming a permanent resident. 

Additionally, an Interim Pathway for Caregivers was also launched in order to help those who are already in Canada working as a caregiver but found out they do not qualify for permanent residence under their existing program. Caregivers who fall into this category will have modified criteria and will be offered a pathway to permanent residence as well.

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