Government’s plan to help Canadians find and keep good jobs

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Budget 2019 is the next step in the government’s plan to ensure middle class Canadians will benefit from Canada’s economic growth. This action plan includes helping more Canadians find affordable housing, prepare them for well-paying jobs, helping them retire with confidence and allowing them to be able to afford the prescription drugs they need. On March 22 2019, the Honourable Jim Carr, Minister of International Trade Diversification highlighted how investments in Budget 2019 will help Canadians find and keep good jobs in a rapidly changing job market and the increasingly competitive global economy. Through this action plan, they hope to

–          Help workers gain new skills 

–          Make post-secondary education more affordable 

–          Provide more on-the-job learning to young Canadians

–          Enhance support for apprenticeship 

–          Create meaningful opportunities through the Canada Service Corps

–          Supporting Indigenous post-secondary education

–          Create opportunities for young Canadians to travel, work or study abroad

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