New programs to help newcomer settlement and integration

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has selected 824 projects to deliver high quality services to newcomers across Canada. The projects selected include:

  • Language training and workplace-based language instruction to help newcomers settle and gain relevant skills 
  • Employment services that foster the entrepreneurial spirit of newcomers and engage private sector employers
  • Support for French speaking newcomers
  • Support for vulnerable populations such as youth, women, seniors and LGBTQ2 newcomers
  • Programming that supports newcomer mental health and well-being
  • Projects that help integration and social inclusion for newcomers in small centre, rural and northern areas.

These projects will help eligible newcomers receive information about life in Canada, language training, help finding a job and connections with established immigrants and Canadians. These supports and services aims to help newcomers integrate and build a successful life in Canada. 

An example of a project is the Boys and Girls club of Moncton. This organization will work with youth ages 13 – 18 in the Moncton area, bringing newcomer and locally born youth together. 

Settlement Counselors from Immigrant Services Calgary are able to provide these services to newcomers in person or online, to book an appointment, visit