Winter Driving in Alberta

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Alberta has been experiencing snow for the past few weeks, it is important to learn about the precautions to take for Winter driving. Here are a few tips for winter driving in Alberta:

  • Consider Winter Tires
  • Winter tires are designed for low temperatures and snowy/icy roads, they have better traction than all season tires
  • Allow 3 times the normal following distance between you and cars
  • This gives time for you to break, especially on icy roads
  • Allow more time to get to destinations
  • With snowy/icy roads, there will be more traffic to get to destinations
  • Prepare your vehicle
  • Consider having an emergency kit with a shovel, extra clothes, wind shield wiper fluid, first aid kit, etc.

Read more tips here:

Immigrant Services Calgary also has a video on what to do in a car accident in Alberta, watch here:

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