Help for temporary and permanent residents and applicants affected by the novel coronavirus

Michelle Mak Citizenship & Immigration, Updates

There has been special measures put in place to help temporary and permanent residents (as well as applicants), who have been affected by the disruptions related to the coronavirus. This is because there has been a temporary closure of 11 visa application centres in mainland China.

Permanent residents who need a permanent resident travel document to quickly travel to Canada can email the Canadian visa office in China at

If you are a permanent resident visa holder, you will be able to request for an extension of your Confirmation of Permanent Residence if:

  • you have been approved for immigration to Canada and have a COPR
  • your visa will expire within the next 90 days
  • you are unable to travel to Canada

You will need to submit a web form and explain the reason why you are unable to travel to Canada within the validity of your visa. Requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If you applied for permanent residence but cannot complete the next steps in the process on time due to the situation in mainland China (such as giving biometrics or submitting passport/supporting documents), will not have their application refused solely on the basis of not completing those requests. Extensions will be automatically provided to applicants in these situations.

Canadian citizens who are scheduled for any

  • Knowledge tests
  • retests
  • interviews
  • hearings
  • Oaths of Citizenship

But are currently unable to travel to Canada, can have the opportunity to reschedule for a later date. Once the applicant returns to Canada, they can ask for a new date by either sending an email or writing to the local office that originally scheduled them or request a new date through the web form.

For more information on help for temporary residents and applicants affected by the novel coronavirus or more information on the information mentioned above, visit