Multilingual Resources during COVID-19 Crisis

Michelle Mak Newcomer Information, Settlement & Community News

During the COVID-19 Crisis, the City of Calgary has many resources available to newcomers that are multilingual.

Information related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus is available on the Calgary Local Immigration Partnership website found here: The resources are available in different languages for newcomers to better understand.

Alberta Health Services has an online self-assessment tool is made for anyone who is concerned that they may have the virus. After the assessment tool, you can call 811 to get arranged to be tested. View the tool here:

Important: Please be aware that there are some scams where people getting calls saying they have people’s test results, telling them they have tested positive and then asking them for their health card number, ID information and credit card number so they can mail them the antibiotics they need. If you are faced with this phone call, please hang up right away and use the non-emergency number to report the call to the police.