The Emergency Food Hamper Program at the Calgary Food Bank

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The Hamper Request Line (403-253-2055) is re-opened on Wednesday, March 18 and emergency hamper distribution will officially start on Thursday, March 19.

The Calgary Food Bank has been helping people in crisis since 1982. One of the core programs at the Calgary Food Bank is the Emergency Food Hamper Program. The food hampers provide 7-10 days worth of food for each individual. Moreover, the food that is distributed follows Canada’s food guide and includes the appropriate percentage of perishables, non-perishables and grains. The program is sensitive to the needs of persons who may require specialty hampers. These include: infant hampers, prenatal hampers, celiac hampers (gluten free) and renal hampers (low in sodium).

Defined referral guidelines allow people to access the Calgary Food Bank with clear expectations. Low income individuals facing a temporary crisis may self-refer to the program the first 3 times. After that, they will need an agency referral for a maximum total of 7 referrals within a 12 month period. At least 30 days must pass between each referral to the food bank. When going to the food bank, make sure to have at least 2 pieces of ID for each adult and at least one for each child. Immigrant Services Calgary’s settlement counsellors can provide you refers, you can book an appointment at

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