Virtual Volunteering during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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This week (April 19-25) is the National Volunteer Week in Canada!

If you are a newcomer to Canada, you probably have heard about the various benefits of volunteering. Not only can you improve your English, gain new skills and Canadian experience through volunteering, you can also learn about Canadian culture, connect with your community, meet new people and start building your network.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing is the key, you may think that volunteering is no longer possible – you are wrong! Volunteers are still needed, and you can help support the community response to this crisis through virtual volunteering.

What is “Virtual Volunteering”?

“Virtual Volunteering” is when you volunteer online, away from the organization you are supporting. You do this by using your computer, smartphone or other portable devices anywhere with an Internet connection.

What are the benefits of virtual volunteering during COVID-19?

– Flexibility. You can volunteer around your schedule and it’s not limited by where you are or your physical ability. You can even stay anonymous (not using your real name)!

– Whether it’s for an organization in your local community in Calgary or anywhere else in Canada, you can volunteer from the comfort and safety of your home.

Virtual volunteering in Alberta:

1. Immigrant Services Calgary:

As we have transitioned from face-to-face services to online services, we are looking for volunteers who can contribute their time to some of our newly developed online programs. Click here to apply today!

2. VolunteerConnector

Follow the steps below to find virtual volunteering opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Step 1. Go to VolunteerConnector. Search for volunteer opportunities based on your interests, tasks, location, time commitment, etc.

Step 2. Under “I’m interested in”, select “COVID-19”.

Step 3. On the left side, you can specify your location preference by typing in your postal code. Under “Opportunities”, select “Work remotely”.

3. VolunteerAirdrie:

If you reside in Airdrie and would like to volunteer from home, click here and take a look at the list of virtual and micro volunteering opportunities that are available.

In addition, you can always contact other non-profits in Calgary directly to check if they are offering virtual volunteer opportunities

Volunteering in Person?

In case you are still volunteering in person, please read this Volunteer Checklist and learn about the recommended practices and protocols during this special time.

Stay healthy and safe when volunteering during the COVID-19 pandemic!