Keep Your Child Safe Online During COVID-19

Lisa Cai COVID-19, Daily Life, Newcomer Information

During the COVID-19 outbreak, elementary and high schools remain closed to protect everyone’s health. These days, your children are likely to be spending a lot of time on the Internet. How can you help your children make the most out of their online experience while limiting its harm?

Below are a few ways you can help keep your child safe online during this health crisis.

1. Spend time with your children online.

– Create online gatherings. Connect with friends and family online and involve your children in the process;

– Help your children recognize fake online information about COVID-19;

– Together with your children, explore and discover apps and games that suit their ages.

2. Allow your children to express themselves and have fun.

– Encourage them to voice their views online and offer support to others during the pandemic;

– Encourage them to try online exercise videos and videos games that require physical movements;

– Help your children create a balanced schedule. Make sure they spend time on offline activities too.

3. Protect them with technology.

– Install the latest antivirus programs on your child’s computer or phone;

– For younger children, consider using parental controls and safe search;

– Teach your children how to keep their personal information safe.

4. Open the door of communication with your children.

– Set rules on when and where they can use computers or smartphones;

– Talk to your children and find out who they are communicating with online;

– Learn about cyberbullying and pay close attention to any changes in your child’s behaviors.