Canada COVID-19 App Launched!

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To keep you informed about COVID-19, the government of Canada has recently launched the Canada COVID-19 App.

Download the app today from App Store or Google Play!

By using this app, you will:

– Receive timely updates with important news from Canada’s Ministry of Health;

– Be able to check your symptoms and assess your risk at any time;

– Receive recommendations based on your situation;

Upon launching the Canada COVID-19 App, please do the following:

– Select your preferred language (English or French)

– Select your province or territory

– Turn on Notifications to receive the latest updates

To help your local community during the COVID-19 crisis, click on “Complete Daily Check-In” and share your postal code and/or device location to receive relevant alerts and updates for your area. This is an optional step. If you change your mind later, you can always switch it off in the app settings.

When using this app, you are providing personal information without giving away your name. The information you provide will be an important support to Canada and Alberta’s COVID-19 response.

Don’t want to install the app? Check out the web version!