Good Things That Happened During Covid-19

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Do you know that reading too much bad news can be bad for your health? During this uncertain and difficult time, we often find ourselves exposed to bad news. But today, let’s open our eyes and check out some of the good things that are happening around the world!

Here’s your daily dose of positivity:

1. Remarkable COVID-19 recoveries worldwide

Those over the age of 70 are at greater risk of having the most severe COVID-19 symptoms, but elderly people from all over the world are making encouraging recoveries from the virus, giving us reason to smile during this difficult time.

2. Giant pandas in Hong Kong mated after 13 years together

Ying Ying and Le Le, two giant pandas in a Hong Kong zoo successfully mated in early April. The zoo has been closed to the public in January as one of the city’s measures to fight COVID-19. Who knows, maybe they just needed a little bit of privacy?

3. Australian dive operators plant coral on the Great Barrier Reef

Tourism worldwide is going through downtime due to the pandemic. Tour guides generally do not have any tourists to lead with travel bans effective in many countries. Left with little to do, an Australian dive operator started a plan to plant coral along the Great Barrier Reef – a great endeavor aiming at restoring the country’s endangered reef.

4. Lego makes face visors for doctors and nurses in Denmark

Talking about innovation and flexibility, Denmark-based toymaker Lego made changes to its molding machines to produce face visors for frontline healthcare workers. Face visors are clear screens that cover your face and help prevent droplets from entering your eyes, nose and mouth. Kudos to Lego!

5. People in India can see the Himalayas with reduced air pollution

Since India’s Covid-19 lockdown, levels of air pollution have greatly reduced. Residents of the Punjab region of India have been able to see the Himalayas for the first time in decades! In fact, 85 cities across India saw less air pollution in the first week of the nationwide lockdown.