How To Stop Your Glasses from Fogging Up When You Wear A Mask

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The moment you put on your face mask and start breathing, your eyeglasses fog up and you can’t see things properly in front of you! It seems such a minor issue for those wearing glasses, but during these days, when you can’t be more cautious and skip face masks even during your regular grocery trips, it can soon get very annoying.

Here are a few ways to stop your glasses from fogging up when you wear a mask:

1. Soap and water will do the trick!

– Wash your hands with warm water and soap.

– Wet your glasses and put some soap on the lenses. Try using dishwasher as an alternative.

– Rinse your glasses thoroughly under warm water then dry them with a soft lens cloth.

Soap and water form a layer on the lenses that reduces surface tension, allowing the water molecules from your breath to distribute evenly, rather than gather on your lens and form “fog”.

2. Make sure your mask fits tightly and securely around your face.

– If the mask you wear has a built-in wire at the top, bend it along your nose to stop air from coming up.

– If it doesn’t have a wire, try closing the gap using a twist-tie.

– Tape the mask tightly onto your face . This might be bad for your skin, so try it at your own risk!

3. Place a folded tissue under your mask, on the bridge of your nose.

– Make sure the folded tissue just pokes out a little bit from your mask.

– This will help absorb the moistness of your breath and prevent your glasses from fogging up.

4. Use an anti-fog spray, if you have the budget for it.

5. Get contact lenses, if nothing above works.