Rent payments during COVID-19

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During COVID-19, it can be challenging for some to make residential or mobile home site rent payments on time.

Those who cannot pay their rent in full should contact their landlord to set up a payment plan. Although everyone is still obligated to pay rent, they cannot be evicted for non-payment if they meet the terms of the agreed upon plan.

The following are some protections that are in place for residential and mobile homes tenants:

  • Rents on residential properties or mobile home sites will not increase while Alberta’s State of Public Health Emergency remains in effect.
  • Late fees cannot be applied to late rent payments until June 30 and cannot be collected retroactively for this time.

But, landlords can still file applications and receive orders for possession if the reason for the eviction is not related to rent or utility payments, or if a tenant refused to negotiate or comply with a payment plan.

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