Alberta Isolation Questionnaire

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Starting May 20, 2020, if you are entering Alberta from outside Canada by air, you must complete and submit a self-isolation questionnaire, no matter if you are showing COVID-19 symptoms or not. This is to demonstrate you have appropriate plans and the necessary supports in place to self-isolate for 14 days.

You will receive a provincial isolation questionnaire upon arriving at a provincial checkpoint after clearing customs. To save time, you can also print it out in advance and bring it with you.

Checkpoint officials will review your completed questionnaire. If your plan is acceptable, you will be allowed to leave the airport. You must go directly home or to the place where you will be self-isolating. If your plan is considered not acceptable, officials will help you meet self-isolation requirements.

We recommend you to be prepared for isolation before you arrive in Alberta by answering these questions:

– Where will I stay for my 14-day isolation? My home, or somewhere else?

– How will I go to my isolation place from the airport?

– How will I avoid close contact with vulnerable family members, such as older adults or those with chronic diseases or weakened immune systems?

– How will I get essential supplies, such as food and medication?

Within 3 days after you arrive in Alberta, an official will contact you and ask you some questions about mandatory isolation, to find out if you are following the requirements. S/he will also provide you with information on various supports during isolation.

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