Yoga for Physically-Challenged People

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It’s been a challenging time for everyone since March. As Calgary reopens gradually, a lot of us are still practicing social distance by staying at home as much as possible.

If you are a newcomer with a disability or you care for a family member who’s living with a disability, open your mind to the world of yoga! It may give you physical and mental strength, and help you build a sense of positivity during this special time!

What is Yoga?

  • Yoga, originally from ancient India, is a group of physical and mental exercises
  • A person that is committed to practicing yoga is called a Yogi
  • Yoga is for everyone! Young or old, overweight or fit, physically challenged or not, you can benefit from yoga.

What are the benefits of doing yoga for physically-challenged people?

  • Generally, yoga improves strength and flexibility while reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Those with disabilities may practice yoga breathing techniques that help relax the nervous system and calm the mind
  • Yoga poses can be modified and carried out in chairs to adapt to the needs of those with disabilities

What do you need to practice yoga?

  • Your body and a growth mindset ready to try new things
  • Yoga props and accessories include mat, mat towel, hand towel, yoga blocks, straps etc.
  • Or, simply take advantage of the carpet in your bedroom, any soft surfaces or a comfortable chair!

Free Chair Yoga Videos:

Free Yoga Videos in American Sign Language:

These are just some free resources we selected for you as examples. There’s no need to feel limited to these! We encourage you to do your own research, explore and find other videos that best suit your needs.