Calgary’s Green Line LRT Project

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In case you haven’t heard about the Green Line, it is Calgary’s next light rail transit (LRT) line and largest infrastructure investment to date. The Green Line is not only an exciting addition to the Calgary Transit System, it will also be an important platform for City development.

First, a few quick facts about the Green Line Project!

– Calgary City Council approved the Green Line Project in 2017.

– The Green Line route will be 46 km in total, connecting communities between Keystone and Seton to downtown Calgary, and other destinations along the way.

– The project is divided into different stages. Construction of Stage 1 (the first 20 km) will start in 2021 and is to be completed by 2026.

How can you participate in this project?

On Monday, June 1, reports on the Updated Stage 1 route will be presented to the Green Line Committee of Council. As a member of the public, you can participate in the Committee meeting and voice your opinions!

– You need to register to speak at the meeting until June 1, so long as the item you want to speak to hasn’t already passed.

– Email the City Clerk’s Office ( to register. City Clerks will call you and give you instructions on how to speak during the meeting.

– Feeling shy and don’t want to speak? You can simply watch the committee meeting online.

To encourage public feedback and reduce language barrier, the City also provides the summary of the Green Line Project Stage 1 in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. You can call 311 and ask for language support.


To help you build your vocabulary, we have launched “Word of the Day”! Today, let’s take a look at the word “Infrastructure”:


– “Infra” means “below”, so “infrastructure” is the basic structures and facilities that we need for a society, region or country.

– This may include buildings, roads, public transit, school buses, water, sewage, electric systems, etc.

– CTrain is part of Calgary’s public transit network. Investing in building the Green Line is investing in Calgary’s infrastructure.