Garbage Collection After Hailstorm

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Last weekend’s hailstorm caused damage to many houses in the northeast of Calgary. Please be careful when you clean up the areas around your house:

  1. Wear gloves when picking up broken glass. It’s safer to wrap large glass shards in paper before bagging them.
  2. All glass shards should be double bagged and tied securely before being placed in your black cart.
  3. Other items that can be placed in your black cart include broken pieces of fencing and siding, damaged carpets and other broken household items.
  4. Put leaves and small branches into your green cart directly. If your green cart is full, use paper yard waste bags.

To help with the cleanup, the City of Calgary has set up large garbage bins in affected N.E. neighbourhoods starting Wednesday, June 17.

Place broken glass, pieces of siding and roof shingles into these bins. If a bin is full, please do not leave garbage beside the bin. Instead, look for the next available bin in the neighbourhood, or hang on to them for the time being.

Word of the Day:

Shingle: a small thin piece of tile used on walls or roofs of a building