Using Public Washrooms During COVID-19

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As Alberta enters Stage 2 of economy reopening, more and more Albertans spend time in public spaces. Using public washrooms cannot be avoided. Here are some tips on how to safely use public washrooms in the new COVID-19 era:

How to stay healthy and safe when using a public washroom?

  • When lining up outside a washroom, stand two metres apart from others;
  • Follow the social-distancing signs on the floor if there are any;
  • If the washroom is crowded making it hard to social distance, consider wearing a mask;
  • When touching surfaces, have a barrier on your hand, e.g. tissue, paper towel or glove;
  • Put a toilet seat cover or tissue on the toilet seat as protection;
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face.

What to do when you travel with babies or younger children?

  • Instruct your children not to touch anything in the public washroom;
  • After using the washroom, make sure your children wash their hands thoroughly;
  • When changing babies in diapers, line the changing table with a plastic garbage bag;
  • Prepare sanitizing wipes, gloves, etc. and make sure they are easy to reach;
  • Consider doing diaper changes outdoors, on the grass or in the back of your car;
  • Pack a camping toilet when traveling with younger kids.

*Do not use a bush or any public spaces, as it is prohibited by the City of Calgary bylaws.

Word of the Day:

Bylaws: rules made by a local authority, a company or a society to control the actions of its members