Virtual Care Guide for Patients

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With physical distancing rules in place, we cannot visit our family physicians when we don’t feel well. Instead, we’ve had to switch to virtual care.

What is virtual care?

The term “virtual care” refers to all the ways doctors and nurses remotely interact with their patients. This is done by video calls, phone calls, instant messages, etc.

The Canadian Medical Association, the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada have recently created a Virtual Care Guide to help you prepare for “virtual visits” with your doctor by video chat, phone call, text message or email.

For medical conditions that are suitable and NOT suitable for virtual care, please visit:

What do you need to prepare for a virtual visit?

– Use a wired instead of wireless connection if possible, to get the best possible Internet connection;

– Fully charge or plug in your smartphone, tablet or laptop;

– Use earphones and choose a quiet space for greater privacy;

– Download and install the app used by your doctor’s office for video visits;

– Prepare the information you may need to provide: your health card, relevant health history, a list of your symptoms, any recorded data (height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, …), questions you want to ask, etc.

Download and read the complete Virtual Care Guide for Patients here:

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