Calgary Stampede 2020 Celebration Plan

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Calgary Stampede’s roots are traced back to 1886 when the Calgary District and Agricultural Society held the first Exhibition. Stampede had never been canceled since it became an annual event nearly a century ago.

This year, due to COVID-19, we won’t be able to celebrate Stampede in traditional ways, but we can still keep the Stampede spirit alive!

The Calgary Stampede has recently announced about 2020 new Stampede experiences, in compliance with the health and safety guidelines of Alberta Health Services.

Stampede 2020 Events include:

  • Mini donut drive-thru
  • Stampede food truck rally
  • BMO kids’ day pancake drive-thru

View the detailed schedule of events and learn how to “stampede” safely here:

Word of the Day:

  • Stampede:The word “stampede” originally means a sudden rush of horses or cattle;
  • In “Calgary Stampede”, “stampede” is a contest or exhibition where cowboys and cowgirls show their skills, such as riding wild horses, roping calves, etc.