Disaster funding for flooding in Calgary and area

Michelle Mak Newcomer Information, Updates

The Government of Alberta has approved a disaster recovery program (DRP) for the cities of Calgary and Airdrie, and Rocky View County following a severe storm in early June. The program was created to help those affected and the communities recover from uninsurable loss and damages caused by flooding from the rainfall on June 13.

The funding will help communities recover from damages to infrastructure and property, and recover costs collected during emergency operations, response and cleanup. Funding will also be available to residents and business owners for uninsurable losses caused by overland flooding.

Only uninsurable costs are eligible for funding under the Disaster Assistance Guidelines. Hail, sewer backup and insurance deductibles do not qualify under the program, as insurance coverage is considered reasonably and readily available for these issues. But, damages caused by overland flooding are eligible for a disaster recovery program, however.

Individuals who have not chosen to insure their property or belongings, or those who do not have adequate insurance, will not be eligible to receive funding through the disaster recovery program.

For more information and to apply for this program, please visit Alberta.ca/DRP.