Waste & Recycling Pop Quiz

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The City of Calgary Parks and Recreation has created a series of at-home activities for K-12 kids called Citizens of Calgary learning activities.

It is an activity plan for kids focusing on different Calgary Council Priorities:

  • a prosperous city
  • a city of inspiring neighbourhoods
  • a city that moves
  • a healthy and green city and a well-run city

For example, one of the activities is making your own Waste and Recycling Pop Quiz.

What do you need?
  • Paper
  • A marker or pen
  • A computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Internet connection
How does it work?
  • Visit ca/whatgoeswhere. Read through the hundreds of items and choose common items, as well as more unknown items to use in your quiz. You don’t want your quiz to be too easy!
  • Cut the paper into smaller pieces. Then write down the items on the front of the paper. On the back of the paper, write down which cart they should go.
  • Quiz a family or friend over video chat to see how many they can guess correctly.

Find more fun activities based on Calgary Council Priorities at https://www.calgary.ca/…/W…/Week-10-Learning-Activities.aspx

Word of the Day:

Prosperous: successful financially