Calgary Transit to Launch My Fare App on July 1

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Calgary Transit will launch a mobile ticketing app called My Fare. You can download it for free from your app store on July 1. Fellow Calgarians, let’s thank Calgary Transit for this wonderful Canada Day gift!

This is good news for those who take public transit (bus, C-Train, etc.). You will soon be able to buy transit tickets and passes anytime from anywhere using your smartphones.

You can easily:

  • Set up your account
  • Save your payment information for future purchases
  • Activate your ticket on your smartphone right before taking a bus or C-Train

After activation, your ticket will be valid for 90 minutes both on the bus and CTrain and it cannot be deactivated. This means you can transfer from CTrain to buses (and vice versa) within 90 minutes for free.

You can scan your ticket on the scanners that are installed on buses, but right now due to COVID-19, you are still required to get on the bus from the rear doors, so you won’t need to scan your ticket or pass.

Visit us at later this week for a step-by-step guide on how to use this new app.

For more information on how to take public transit in Calgary, please visit Calgary Transit’s official website.

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