Happy Birthday, Calgary Tower!

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The Calgary Tower is the iconic symbol of the City of Calgary. Today June 30, it is celebrating its 52nd birthday.

To mark the occasion, the Calgary Tower will be showing a special light display tonight. The public helped decide what birthday colours the tower will take on via an online poll on twitter and the winners are pink and purple.

Did you know that the construction of the Calgary Tower started 1967 and was completed in June 1968? More information on the history of the Calgary Tower: https://www.calgarytower.com/about/tower-history/

Don’t forget to check out the lighting schedule for special holidays and events including the upcoming July 1, Canada Day.

Happy birthday Calgary Tower!

Word of the Day:

  • Iconic: having the nature of an icon

  • The Calgary Tower is like an icon for our city. When people see it, they easily recognize it as the Calgary Tower and it reminds them of Calgary.