Goats Out Working in Calgary

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For the third year, a herd of approximately 200 goats will return to McHugh Bluff from July 13 – July 23 to help control weeds and support habitat restoration work happening in the area. If you have questions about the goats’ work, call 311. During 2016 a herd of goats was used to control weeds in a portion of Confluence Park as part of a pilot program to look at the practice of targeted grazing. 

Other city parks using goats for weed control and vegetation management include:

  • McHugh Bluff as part of a Naturalization Project.
  • Ralph Klein Park in coordination with Water Services.
  • Fish Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant in coordination with Water Services.

Why do we use targeted grazing? Targeted grazing has proven to be an effective land management tool in other municipalities. It is cost effective, and offers numerous benefits, including:

  • an environmentally friendly and effective method to manage invasive plant species; and
  • a feasible solution for controlling weeds near water bodies and on slopes.

The City has developed Targeted Grazing Project Guidelines to allow us to accomplish specific invasive plant species and management goals.

Reminder to all who see the goats working this year:

Due to COVID-19, please do not approach the goats and remain 2m away from others while visiting. This year, additional spatial separation of the herd and enhanced contact protocols have been put in place.

For more information, please visit https://www.calgary.ca/csps/parks/planning-and-operations/pest-management/weed-control-using-goats.html?redirect=/goats

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