Precautions that Canadians Take as Economy Reopens

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From June 15 to 21, Statistics Canada conducted a new web panel survey to find out the attitudes and concerns of Canadians as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually lifted.

What is a web panel survey?

According to Statistics Canada, a web panel survey is a survey using samples from web panels, i.e. a survey via the web of persons who are willing to participate in such surveys.

Check out some of the results of this survey:
  • Immigrants are more likely than Canadian-born people to report that they will take precautions;
  • Younger Canadians are less likely to report that they will wear a mask or keep their distance from others;
  • Women are more likely than men to report that they will follow rules as safety measures are relaxed;
  • The degree of support for some precautions is different across regions. Check out the bar charts for Prairies:;
  • Among Canadians who are not yet back in their regular workplace, close to 4 in 10 do not feel safe returning.

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Prairie: a large area of grassland with few trees, moderate temperatures and rainfall. When we say “Prairie Provinces” in Canada, we refer to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.