Temperature Checks Now Mandatory at Calgary Airport

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The Calgary International Airport has announced that starting July 30, 2020 at 10 am, all air travelers departing the airport must undergo mandatory temperature screening before entering security screening. This applies to outbound travelers that are

  • traveling to other Canadian airports
  • leaving Canada for international destinations

The temperature screening applies to airport employees as well.

The Government of Canada is taking a phased approach to implementing temperature checks. Right now, we are at Phase 2, where the Calgary Airport joins Canada’s three other airports in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in adding temperature screening to their measures taken in response to COVID-19. At Phase 3, temperature checks will become mandatory in the next 11 busiest airports in Canada by September 2020.

Word of the Day:

Screening: the process of examining or testing for the presence of something. Temperature screening is the process of testing a person’s body temperature to find out if the person has a fever, which is one of the COVID-19 symptoms.

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