Wear a Mask & Enjoy August Long Weekend Safely

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The first Monday in August is Heritage Day! It’s an optional holiday in Alberta, but if you are getting an extra day off on August 3, 2020, please make sure you enjoy your long weekend safely and responsibly!

In the most recent update delivered by Dr. Hinshaw (our chief medical officer) on July 30, 113 additional cases have been identified. We have been seeing triple digits in new cases reported in the past two weeks. Dr. Hinshaw also said in a previous update that “the curve is no longer flat”.

To avoid a second shutdown, all of us should be responsible for our own actions!

Once again, please be reminded that starting August 1, 2020, the temporary Face Coverings Bylaw of Calgary will officially goes into effect. This means you MUST wear face coverings:

  • in indoor public spaces, e.g. grocery stores, etc.
  • on public transits, including C-Trains and buses.
  • public vehicles (for hire), e.g. taxis, cabs, uber rides.

Learn about appropriate use of non-medical mask or face covering before heading out. Here is a list of activities rated from least risky to most risky:

  • Stay at home alone or with your family members
  • Outdoors with housemates or social bubble, e.g. picnic with a few family member or friends
  • Outdoors with physical distancing, e.g. jogging at a distance from others that you don’t know
  • Outdoor/indoor short amount of time, e.g. grocery shopping
  • Indoors/outdoors crowded long time, e.g. crowded indoor restaurants

More information on going out safely this long weekend: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/diseases-conditions/covid-19-going-out-safely.html

Word of the Day:

Heritage: cultural traditions that have been passed down from previous generations