How to protect yourself from insect bites

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Mosquitos are out and about in Calgary! There are many ways you can prevent yourself from getting bitten during this season. Here are some tips from the Government of Canada to help prevent insect bites:

  • Cover up
    • Wear light-coloured, loose clothes made of tightly woven materials (eg: nylon or polyester)
    • Wear long pants and tucked-in long-sleeved shirts with closed-toe shoes or boots and a hat.
    • Tape the cuffs of your pants or tuck them inside your socks or shoes.
    • Adults can wear permethrin-treated clothing, which works by repelling mosquitoes.
  • Use insect repellent (bug spray) on exposed skin
    • Always use an approved insect repellent. For best results, it is important to apply it properly.
      • Do not spray repellent directly on your face.
      • Do not apply to cuts, scrapes or irritated skin.
      • Wash your hands after application and avoid contact with lips and eyes.
      • Always read and follow product label directions to find out:
        • when to re-apply; and
        • whether the product is approved for children.
      • Apply sunscreen before applying insect repellent.
  • Minimize exposure to insects
    • Make sure indoor areas, especially sleeping areas, are completely enclosed or well-screened.
    • Fix or replace old and torn screens in doors, windows and vents. Look for any other possible openings where insects can get in.
    • Keep a flyswatter to kill insects as needed, when indoors.
    • Use mosquito netting when sleeping outdoors or in a building that is not fully enclosed.
    • Use mosquito netting to cover playpens and strollers.
    • Shower, change and wash clothing and gear after participating in outdoor activities.
    • Check family members, pets and clothing for crawling insects (ticks) after engaging in outdoor activities. Higher risk activities include:
      • camping
      • hunting
      • fishing
      • hiking
      • working outside
      • participating in or watching outdoor sports

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