Alberta expanding asymptomatic testing at pharmacies

Michelle Mak Daily Life, Newcomer Information

After a successful pilot of a limited number of community pharmacies in Calgary and Edmonton offer asymptomatic coronavirus testing, the Province of Alberta has announced that the program would be expanded to any pharmacy that wants to participate. Pharmacies that would like to offer the testing will need to abide by strict protocols, as well as have specialized skills to protect the safety of patients. All pharmacy tests will be tested by using the throat swab.

While the names of participating locations were not made available during the pilot program to reduce the possibility of being overwhelmed with appointment requests, the list has now been made available at the Alberta Blue Cross’ website.

The Province of Alberta encourages the public to get an asymptomatic test, especially under the following scenarios:

  • Before or after spending time with individuals who have a higher risk of serious health outcomes (e.g., anyone over 65 or with underlying medical conditions)
  • Before or after travelling internationally, attending an event with recent travellers, or hosting them.
  • Before or after participating in activities or events that may have put you at a higher risk of exposure (e.g., a large gathering where physical distancing was not followed).
  • For frontline workers who have regular interactions with Albertans, particularly those at higher risk of serious outcomes.

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