Alberta Open Farm Days Aug 15-16

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What is the Alberta Open Farm Days?

Alberta Open Farm Days will be on August 15 and 16. Farmers and ranchers will invite you to stop in for a visit to share stories, see demonstrations, and learn more about the farmers who grow your food.

What activities and events are there?

Farm tours, food sampling & sales, poultry & egg production, culinary events, and many more! There are literally SO MANY activities and events that we cannot list them all out! Please check out:

How to schedule your visit on the Alberta Open Farm Days this year?
  1. Visit the farms’ profiles. Use the filter function to see farms in your area, and/or things you’d be interested in seeing.
  2. Make sure to check to see whether the farms are participating during Open Farm Days.
  3. Once you’ve found farms that you want to visit, click the “add to trip” button. These farms will now be stored to help you create your map and your directions.
  4. Then schedule your time with the farms by clicking on the button at the top of each farm profile. It will take you to a website called “Farmzy.” Complete your scheduling and you’re ready to go!

Scheduling your visits is important because it enables farms to be in compliance with Alberta Health Services guidelines (only 100 people are allowed to be at a farm at a time)

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