City of Edmonton – Property Tax Deadline

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The City of Edmonton in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is providing flexible payment options for 2020 property taxes. Usually, the payment deadline is June 30 but, this year, late-payment penalties on unpaid taxes will not be charged until September 1, 2020. But, if you are able to pay your property taxes by the usual deadline of June 30, you are encouraged to do so.


The City of Edmonton is also no longer taking requests to delay or reduce your monthly property tax payment. But property owners who have previously enrolled in the Monthly Payment Plan to reduce or delay payments due to financial difficulty will receive a statement from the City of Edmonton in August indicating their amount due on September 1. The total of all delayed amounts will be automatically withdrawn on September 1 along with your regular September 1 automatic withdrawal.


There are flexible payment options, to learn more, please visit